Artist Statement

Much of my work reflects my interest in the lives of women and issues that pertain to them. While I have occasionally portrayed specific women in history, most of my work is inspired by my desire to draw attention to the empowerment of women. I have been using female imagery, or symbols, in an attempt to allow the viewer to relate in his/her own personal way without actually focusing on particular issues. Because the image in each piece is subtle, she clearly could represent a woman of any time period anywhere in the world. My goal is to reach people by conveying an image that may allow them to conjure up memory of someone in particular or to draw their attention to broader women’s issues. Ultimately, I'm also trying to convey the strength of women over time and space.

I am inspired by nature, its qualities of constant change within the context of permanence, which serves as the background in much of my work. Some of my work utilizes the horizon line which, to me, represents universal experience.

Quilts are my medium of choice because they exemplify women’s work historically. In addition, I incorporate yarn that I have spun from wool and other fibers, also exemplary of women’s traditional work. I have recently including weavings as well. I believe that utilizing traditional techniques in a contemporary way helps to draw attention to the lives of women. On a more personal level, it gives me a sense of continuity with other women – historically and globally.